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Hi fellow DXer! We are four ham radio operators interested in DXing and contesting. We have limited time, space and money and we don't have massive antenna systems or extremely big amplifiers. Instead, we have a modest setup and small city gardens. This means we have to invest in operating practice rather than brute force. But, we consider this as a challenge rather than a handicap. Nowadays our contest entries are limited to a couple per year but still we managed to reach 1st place in several big ones!

Gilbère (Bert), PFøR (click for picture)
Since birth Bert was impressed by anything that had an AC plug. He studied Chemical Engineering & Chemistry at the Eindhoven University of Technology. His favourite mode is RTTY but his spare time is very limited so he can get on the air only a few days per year. Bert is also the QSL-manager for our contest callsigns PF6WW and PA6XX.

Jean-Paul (JP), PFøX (click for picture)
JP received his license in 1997. Recently he studied Biomolecular Sciences at Utrecht University and Financial Management at the prestigious Nyenrode Business University. Currently he works for a bank in Amsterdam which means his on-air time is now limited to a couple of hours per year. JP's favourites are CW and SSB.

Ton, PA1CC (click for picture)
Ton got infected with the DX virus at a young age by his friend Eric, PA3DZM. He received his VHF/UHF license back in 1989 and upgraded three years later. He has no technical background but studied economics and accounting. Currently Ton works as a financial advisor in the public sector. He has a lovely wife and two great kids. His favourite mode is CW but also works SSB or RTTY. Mainly hunting for DXCC bandpoints.

Eric, PA3DZM (click for picture)
Eric got licensed in 1984. His first call was PE1KSK but soon upgraded to PA3DZM. Eric loves high speed CW. He used to be vey active in the 80's and 90's but he has no antenna's in his new QTH. He likes to do a few contests per year and work the occasional pile up from the FB SIG shack.


FB SIG supports the Last Two International organization and the Dawg X-ray Club!


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